During your Cleanse Questions

Q: Do I get instructions?

A: Of course, we send a prep email to everyone prior to the cleanse. Plus you will get a card with your delivery every morning (if you are doing a 3 day cleanse or longer) with some instructions, and a daily update email. You can call or email us at anytime to ask any questions!  Please do call if you have any unusual symptoms you would like to discuss.  Your juices are clearly numbered 1-6 with little labels, so as long as you can count up to 6, you will be all over it.

Q: What if I don't finish all the juice, how long will it last?

A: The juices are made fresh to order and they have a 3 day shelf life.

Q: Can I have fizzy drinks - coke, diet coke, soda water, lemonade, etc?

A: Pretty much, no! Try to stick with water, herbal teas, and your juices of course.

Q: Can I have de-caf coffee or black tea?

A: Once again, a solid negative ghostrider.  You probably knew the answer already though...

Q: I have to travel away urgently, can I take it with me?

A: If you are taking a short trip interstate, you can use your esky to transport the juice.  The esky will maintain the temperature of your juices for up to 4 hours.  But if you are going to be in transit longer than that, it is not a good idea.

Q: I can't drink the herbal tea you supplied, can I have something else?

A: You can have any herbal tea you like, but green tea/white tea must diluted significantly - rather than 1 tea bag per cup, have 1 tea bag per 4 cups (or teapot).  Peppermint tea is a lovely refreshing tea to have whilst cleansing, and American Ginseng is reportedly very good for headaches (so one of our cleansers has told us!).

Q: How long will the juice last?

A:The juices have a shelf life of 3 days before they start to oxidise (deteriorate and lose their nutritional value).  We don't pasteurise the juice (raise the temperature to 80 degrees - this is cooking the juice) so there is nothing done that will keep it fresh for weeks.

Q: If I don't have the juices in the order, does it matter?

A: Yes, the juices, soups and smoothies have been designed to be consumed in a certain sequence that directly affects how you absorb, assimilate, and digest nutrients. For example, the green juice is designed for the morning, as it a chlorophyll based energy hit, and on an empty stomach, your body will absorb ALL of the vitamins and nutrients.

Q: Do I have to keep them in the fridge?

A: Yes, try to take them out of the esky and put them in the fridge.

Q: I really miss chewing, what can I do?

A: We do provide a daily dose of some seeds to chew on, it isn’t huge, we know, but it should be enough to get your jaws moving without interrupting your cleanse.

Q: If I eat something, will I undo all the good work?

A: If you have a business meeting, or social function you can't avoid, try to keep the food as raw and whole as possible - think salads, with loads of fresh raw vegies, no creamy dressings, meat, etc.  It won't ruin your cleanse, but try and schedule the detox when these commitments are minimal or non-existent. 

Q: Should I do a colonic whilst detoxing?

A: Most definitely, if you can!  This will be a wonderful addition to your cleanse.

Q: Can I keep exercising?

A: Yes, you can.  If you have been at a certain level of exercise, then you will be fine to continue doing it.  It is not a great idea to start a brand new type of exercise and start your detox too, just because your body will be cleansing and removing toxins so it will already be under pressure.  But if you are an avid runner, then run you will!

Q: Will I get the detox symptoms?

A: We usually call this a healing crisis, where your body is removing the bad stuff and renewing.  During this process, you may feel it....  So not having things like coffee, may result in headaches, shakiness and restless leg syndrome (leg and lower back pain). 

Q: I will starve if I don't eat anything, won't I feel hungry?

A: You will be very surprised at the way it feels to do the cleanse.  It is different to your regular eating regime - normally you would get hungry and then eat a big meal and feel quite satisfied.  However, during your cleanse you will be having a juice roughly every two hours throughout the day.  So you are constantly nourishing, without letting yourself get really hungry.

Q: What should I eat when I’m finished?

A: You will be provided with menu and meal suggestions for post your cleanse.  Generally, the rule is to keep it as raw and unprocessed as possible.  Stay away from red meats, dairy, alcohol, processed foods for as long as possible and eat as much fruit and vegies as you can! 

Q: How often can I do it?

A: As often as you like!  Some people choose to do it once a year, some once a quarter at the change of the seasons, some do it once a month, and some people do it for three weeks in a row when they come back from a particularly naughty long holiday!