Getting ready for your cleanse

Thank you for placing your order with Schkinny Maninny! This email contains some important information about your delivery, please read to make sure you know how it is going to work.

I hope you are getting pretty psyched about your Schkinny Nutritional Cleanse. It starts soon, how exciting!!

This email is to give you an overview of how it works, how your delivery will work and also confirming the purchase amount and delivery details.  Also, it is very important that you tell us straight away if you have any allergies/intolerances or anything you can't eat/drink. We can make modifications for you, but you need to tell us. Please email: or call on 1300 021 601 any requests you have.

In your cleanse we eliminate the following trigger foods that tend to cause problems with digestion and allergies:
• Wheat (glutens) and Dairy
• Processed Sugars
• Meats
• Caffeine
• Refined, processed and junk foods.

Each of us have different levels of toxicity, and we each deal with it in a different way. Common symptoms for very toxic people are: runny nose, tiredness, fever, flu like symptoms, headache, etc. If you do get these symptoms, you should be very thankful. Rest up and get a good sleep, let your body go to work.

Each morning of your cleanse, when you get up, just have some warm water with a squeeze of lemon juice. This will kick start your metabolism ready for your first juice of the day.
Help us learn about YOU:
We have a little questionnaire that will help us learn a little more about your current situation, would you mind taking 2 mins to answer a few questions?

Preparing for your cleanse
So, here are some tips to get you ready for your cleanse. These tips are designed to make the coast a little clearer for you when you start cleansing. Unfortunately, 90% of cleansers do get symptoms (damn those 10% who don’t), so we can try make your symptoms a little more comfortable...

Coffee drinker? Try to ween yourself onto green tea or black tea this week. I know, I read all the healthy articles too, “replace coffee with green tea” and I am sorry it just isn’t in the same league. However, doing it this week will help you out when you do start cleansing. So suck it up, and use your imagination!

A glass of wine after work most days is expected? Once again, just try to ween yourself off having it every night the week before your cleanse. One or two on Friday and Saturday is fine, just try not to put your liver to the ultimate strong man challenge!

Have you got to prepare food for little ones (or big ones) next week? You will become supersensitive to smells, so even vegemite sandwiches will smell divine. Have your juice before you prepare anyone’s food, a full belly will reduce your interest in the food.

Processed sugar and chocolate part of your daily menu? This one could hurt too. Processed and refined sugars are really quite bad for you. We all know this one, I am not preaching... So try to tone it down before you start cleansing.

Fruit and vegetables, not an everyday thing for you? I know there are many of us that still go days without fresh fruit and vegetables, and it can be very easy to do, without even noticing. Try to have an extra piece of fruit each day before your cleanse. Try to have vegies or salad with each meal too.

Ask the Schkinny Experts
You will have access to the Ask the Schkinny Experts forum, where you can ask any question, read previous discussions and generally share the love with others! We have a qualified Naturopath, Nutritionist and Personal Trainer ready to answer your questions about how this cleanse works for you, and any other questions you might have. Simply click this link to join the forum

How your delivery will work?

If your address is within 20km of the CBD, then delivery occurs daily between 5am and 10am in the morning
If you live outside of 20kms of the city, then we generally use a courier and your deliveries will arrive 2/3 days worth at a time on a weekday afternoon. If you ordered a 3 day cleanse, you will receive 3 days worth. If you ordered a 5 day cleanse then you will receive 2 days worth then 3 days worth. (no deliveries will arrive on the weekend).

YOU may live in an area that we use a courier to deliver to. Please click on one of these pages to check if your postcode falls in the daily delivery range or the courier range.

Do you require delivery by a certain time or after a certain time???? Please email us on or call on 1300 021 601 to advise and we will do our best to accomodate your request.

You will receive a “Schkinny Fresky” with your juices or juices and meal inside. The juices are to be drunk in order, you will see the labels. At the end of the day, please leave your Schkinny Fresky out to receive the next days delivery. We want to try and recycle as much as possible, so if you can leave the empty juice bottles in the fresky for pickup, then we can try to cleanse the environment too!

If you are doing a 3 day cleanse or longer, you will receive a little “Cleanse Buddy” guide every day of your Schkinny Nutritional Cleanse. This will have some really useful information on what you are going through. Your Cleanse buddy is going to tell you what is happening to your body, just like you have a friend who has done it all before. Your “Cleanse Buddy” guide will also have some Dos and Don’ts for your cleanse. We will email you every day too. We want you to know that we are here, and we want to be the support to help you get through this. It really is going to be such an awesome experience!

p.s. If you have ordered a 3 day cleanse and want to extend to a 5 day cleanse - use this link: ** Please bear in mind that your extension order must be BY 12pm on a weekday (or 10am Thursday for Friday start) to extend the following weekday. Extending into a weekend must be pre-arranged via contacting us:

Please carefully review our refund policy to avoid any disappointment:

Stay tuned! We will send you daily emails for your cleanse to keep you in the know. Stay clean!