Do you want to feel clean, light and healthy?  Is the pope catholic, hell yes!  Plus you could lose a couple of kgs, brighten up your skin, your mood and sky rocket your energy levels.  Your body goes through a natural cleanse process, and our juices have been designed to help your body through the process with fresh produce full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. 

Each of us have different levels of toxicity, and we each deal with it in a different way.  Everyone is different and depending on your current diet and lifestyle, symptoms may present differently.   Common symptoms for  people are: runny nose, tiredness, fever, flu like symptoms, headache, etc. Heavy coffee drinkers, smokers, recreational drug takers, or heavy drinkers will definitely experience these symptoms, and may find the headaches quite difficult.  Other people have been known to experience nausea and vomitting.  This is not an unusual symptom, and it is hard to predict who is going to react in a certain way as we all have very different diets and lifestyles.   Do you drink coffee?  Check out our blog post on what could happen - here.

But if you don't get severe symptoms, don't be concerned, everyone's body is different.  Ordinarily coffee drinkers and regular alcohol drinkers will get the worst symptoms (sorry, that is most of us).  If things feel totally normal, then your body is quite possibly very adept at removing toxins rather than storing them.  You are very lucky!

On average people lose between 2-3 kgs on the 5 day program, but it isn’t a weight loss program. Other fabulous benefits may include:

Feeling clean on the inside means looking great on the outside, and 100 times more motivation to keep yourself feeling clean inside.