Schkinny Days 5:2 Fasting Trial Week

  • Are you looking to lose weight and looking for a sustainable solution with no preparation/work required?  The Schkinny Days 5:2 Fasting Plan is a fantastic solution.  The basics of the program are easy: eat a modified plant based diet that is all provided for 2 days per week, then eat normal the other days.  You only restrict what you eat 2 day per week!  Our Schkinny Days program includes all the great benefits of our popular detox programs, but with longer term sustainable weight loss solution.

    Schkinny Days is an easily sustainable and effective approach to weight loss rather than complete fasting, the program will get great results, it is easy to stick with and doesn't require hours in the gym.  

    • No calorie counting
    • No macro checking
    • No cooking
    • No prepping

    Nothing you need to do on your Schkinny Days, it will all be done for you.   We have done all the hard work, and you only have to watch your clothes start to fit better, your skin look fresher and your energy levels improve.   

    Here is how the program works:

    1. Order a one week trial (you can keep ordering for when you need it)

    2. Each Monday AND Wednesday morning* receive your Schkinny Days Fasting pack

    3. Enjoy your pack of 2 fresh cold pressed vegetable juices and 2 fresh crunchy vegan salads (you can view the menu by clicking here)

    4. Every other day, just eat normally

    5. Drink as much water, with unsweetened herbal tea as you like (black unsweetened coffee and tea are allowed)

    6. Pay only $90/week which includes fresh morning delivery

    It's pretty simple and it works.  You want to read more about alternate day fasting?  You can check out more information here:

    *at this stage the morning delivery is only within 20km of CBD.  Please contact us if you are outside this area:

  • Delivery within 20km of CBD (see our suburb list here) happens each morning between 5am and 10am.  So when you place your order, select your DELIVERY DATE as the first morning you would like to receive it.  Your first days worth of juices will be delivered on that day and then each weekday after for the length you selected.

     Delivery OUTSIDE of 20km of the CBD (see suburb list here)  happens each afternoon.  So when you place your order, the date you select as your DELIVERY DATE is the day you receive your delivery or first lot of deliveries if you have ordered for longer than 3 days.

    ORDER by 12pm weekdays (AEDST) to receive next day delivery (10am Thursday for a Friday start), OR Friday 5pm (AEDST) for Monday morning delivery (delivery within 20km of CBD).



  • Please read our cancellation and refund policy carefully before you place your order - click here to read.

Orders must be placed before 12pm to receive delivery the next day. To commence on a FRIDAY, orders must be placed by 10am THURSDAY. Deliveries only occur Monday - Friday, no weekend deliveries are available.

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