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The Schkinny Maninny Nutritional Juice Cleanse is a cold pressed juice detox program designed to assist clearing your body of nasty toxins, help kick start your metabolism and get you feeling awesome. We deliver FRESH EACH DAY to your doorstep in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, Monday to Friday.

6 Reasons To Order Our Juice Detox:

  1. Increased Energy and Vitality. Feel that extra bounce in every step.
  2. Help to relieve illness and disease. As you gradually re-introduce foods into your diet you will discover what has been getting you down.
  3. Your Skin Will Glow. Show your inner health on the outside and those around you will notice.
  4. Help a Healthy Liver. The liver's job is to clean out toxins from the blood stream - give it a well-earned purification break.
  5. Convenience - delivered to your doorstep every day, you don't have to worry whether you are doing things right - just drink our tasty juices. For any more evidence just read our testimonials about our juice detox program.
  6. Support. We will let you know what to expect every step of the way - you will have a friend and helping hand.

Come visit our stores!

Schkinny Maninny Sydney:

4 Roslyn St, Potts Point NSW 2011, Australia

Schkinny Maninny Melbourne:

359 Bridge Road, Richmond VIC 3121, Australia


Polywhat? What and where are polyphenols?

June 06, 2017

I have just read a study that has discovered an inverse correlation between polyphenol levels and body weight and obesity in a 5 year follow up.  This was measured through the level of polyphenols in urine and body mass, waist circumference and they concluded that a greater polyphenol intake may contribute to reducing body weight.  So what are polyphenols and how do we get more of them? Polyphenols are a class of chemical compounds found in plants.  They are characterised by the presence of more than one phenol unit and a phenol unit consists of a six membered aromatic hydrocarbon ring, bonded directly to a hydroxyl group.  Probably one of the most well-known polyphenols is in red wine, resveratrol.  And...

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Get FREE Shipping

March 27, 2017

Online shopping is the best.  I buy clothes, shoes, makeup, skin products, wine, groceries, almost everything online.  Losing 2-3 hours down a rabbit hole at a shopping mall is not an ideal use of my time (unless I am in a very specific mood.) Probably like most of you, when I shop online I look at the shipping costs.  It’s kinda crazy, because we all know it costs to get stuff delivered (I am IN an online business and know only too well how much it costs).   Australia Post and courier company’s weren’t set up to be charitable.  But still, there seems to be a new precedent set for Free Shipping and it is attractive.  I admit to being ery...

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Could your diet be a better sunscreen than your actual sunscreen?

March 21, 2017

I am not a huge fan of chemical sunscreens.  Something just feels a bit unnatural about putting something on your skin that needs 15-20 minutes to “soak” in, then before it works.  The soaking in seems a bit strange.  I understand how it works, but then we need to stop seeing our skin as a barrier and more of an extension to the internal system, as it is all connected.    So when you think about something needed to “soak in” to work, my mind goes straight to the thought of, “well, when does this get into my blood stream, if it needs to soak in?”  It’s a little bit the same as makeup and moisturisers, if you don’t think...

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