Are you looking to lose weight and looking for a sustainable solution with no preparation/work required?  

The Schkinny Days Intermittent Fasting programs are a fantastic solution.  The basics of the program are easy: eat a modified plant based diet that is all provided for 3 days per week, then eat normal the other days.  You only restrict what you eat some of the time.

 Our Schkinny Days programs includes all the great benefits of our popular detox programs, but with longer term sustainable weight loss solution.

  • No calorie counting
  • No macro checking
  • No cooking
  • No prepping

Nothing you need to do on your Schkinny Days, it will all be done for you.   We have done all the hard work, and you only have to watch your clothes start to fit better, your skin look fresher and your energy levels improve.   

There are two options to chose from:

Alternate Day Fasting - Monday, Wednesday Friday.   Get your Schkinny Days pack delivered 3 days per week.  This works on a 4:3 schedule for fasting.  More fasting days produces quicker results for those looking for a more dramatic result.

5:2 Intermittent Fasting - Monday and Wednesday.  Based on the popular diet, the 5:2 method is a very sustainable long term lifestyle solution to getting to a healthy weight and staying there.