Any other Questions

 Q: Is seems awfully expensive, why is it?

A:  Consider that you are having up 6kg of fresh organic fruit and vegies each day, it is pretty reasonably priced!  We use very fresh produce, and use a special juicer to get the maximum nutrient value and freshness.  

Q: I want to do a cleanse over the weekend, do you deliver over the weekend or can I pick up over the weekend?

A: If you are doing a cleanse over the weekend, we don't deliver on weekends, but deliver your weekend deliveries on Friday.  Unfortunately, you cannot collect over the weekend, so you will have to collect on Friday for the weekend.

Q: I have some eskies that are left over, will you collect them?

A: Please let us know and we can come pick them up. If it is just your last one, please feel free to keep it as a memento! The Schkinny freskies are very handy to take your lunch to work or to take some cheese and biscuits to the park for a picnic.

Q: Where is everything made?

A: In Sydney, we make in Brookvale, in Brisbane we are in Strathpine and in Melbourne, we are in Richmond

Q: Can you tell me the recipes so I can make them at home?

A: Sorry, no.  We do have  DIY kit you can buy online if you want to give it a go yourself, but the juices included in the DIY are not the same as the juices we make for you.

Q: Where do you get your produce?

A: We use wholesalers in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane to get the fresh produce from the markets!