Cancellation/Refund Policy

Life sometimes gets in the way, we get that.  You may get urgently called away for work, or suddenly break your ankle and end up in hospital!  
So if you have started the ordered or started the cleanse, you need to know a few things about how we can adjust it for you:
Full Refund if cancelled BEFORE 12pm to commence the cleanse the next day - you can email to
e.g. You have ordered to start Monday morning, you will need to advise us before 12pm Sunday to claim a full refund.  Or you have ordered to start Wednesday morning, you will need to advise us before 12pm Tuesday to claim a full refund.
Refunds and Cancellations once you have started the cleanse
We place our orders to get the freshest possible fruit and vegetables based on your orders.  We ensure we are using the best quality ingredients and always the freshest, so if you cannot continue a cleanse we cannot offer a refund.  However, we do most definitely offer credits. You must cancel before 12pm to receive your credit.  We will email you a credit note and you can use it anytime, or add a a few extra days to get the most out of it!
We start super early in the morning, so it means that we set of all our delivery runs and finalise all of our prep by 12pm on a weekday.  Which means that we cannot make any adjustments after that time.  As long as we know about your requests, changes, cancellations by midday, we can absolutely meet your requests.  If it is after 12pm then please don't be disappointed if we cannot make it happen for you.