Delivery Questions

Q: How does delivery work?

A: Delivery within 20km of CBD (see our suburb list here) happens each morning between 5am and 10am.  So when you place your order, select your DELIVERY DATE as the morning you would like to receive it.  

 Delivery OUTSIDE of 20km of the CBD (see suburb list here)  happens each afternoon.  So when you place your order, the date you select as your DELIVERY DATE is the day you receive your delivery or first lot of deliveries if you have ordered for longer than 3 days.

Q:How much is delivery?

We now have a FREE delivery option for a minimum 1 day cleanse or 6 bottles.  This FREE option means you will receive ALL of your juices in one delivery (for a 1-3 day cleanse) or in two deliveries (for a 4 day cleanse or longer).

If you prefer to get DAILY fresh delivery then it will be a delivery fee of $19.95.  This is only available for MORNING delivery areas (see above) and this option means you will receive your juices nice and fresh each morning.  

For orders less than 6 bottles, the delivery fee is $10.95.

Q: Where do you deliver?

A: We deliver roughly within 40km of the CBD in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.  To get morning delivery you must be within approximately 20km of CBD and outside of that is an afternoon delivery.  In these areas, you will receive a few days worth of juices in one go.  The maximum we will deliver is 4 days worth as the juices start to lose nutritional value after 3 days.  You can check the full suburb listings here:

Sydney - morning delivery

Sydney - afternoon delivery

Melbourne - morning delivery

Melbourne - afternoon delivery

Brisbane - morning delivery

Brisbane - afternoon delivery

Q: I live outside of the morning range and will get in the afternoon, how does that work?

A: If you have ordered a 3 day cleanse, you will receive 3 days worth on the date that you chose when you placed your order. If you ordered a 5 day cleanse then you will receive 2 days worth then 3 days worth (or vice versa, depending on when you chose to receive delivery and the weekend - no deliveries will arrive on the weekend). Please contact us if you have any deliveries questions,

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have ordered a cleanse to get delivered on a Monday and you are outside of the 20km range of the CBD then your first delivery will arrive on Monday afternoon. 

Q: I leave home at 7:30am so I will need by juice by then, is that going to be possible?

A: Provided you are within the 20km radius of CBD (see morning delivery range suburbs) and you let us know when you place the order, then yes, we will schedule your delivery BEFORE 7:30am.  There is a box called "delivery time requests", so you will need to write your request in there.  Whilst we can schedule deliveries BEFORE a certain time, but we cannot meet delivery windows, like between 7am and 7:30am.

Q: Why is there an option for fresh daily delivery? 

A: We juice up every day and like to deliver you the freshest possible!  However, we can arrange to deliver a few days' worth at a time, if that is what you would prefer.  

Q: I want to do a cleanse over the weekend, do you deliver over the weekend or can I pick up over the weekend?

A: If you are doing a cleanse over the weekend, we don't deliver on weekends, but deliver your weekend deliveries on Friday.  Unfortunately, you cannot collect over the weekend, so you will have to collect on Friday for the weekend.  Please be advised that you may get the same juices, with little variety if do you chose to go over the weekend.  If you prefer to get different juices each day, then our advice would be to wait til Monday morning.

Q: I live right near your kitchen, can I pick up the juices?

A: Of course!  But you will need to confirm with us when you want to pick up.  We might be out doing deliveries in the morning, and there may not be anyone in the kitchen.  For collection, when you place the order put the word "Collection" in for your delivery address, both street and suburb.  When you checkout, you can use the discount code "collectingjuices" to ensure you don't get charged the delivery fee.

Q: I live on the Gold Coast and I want to start a cleanse with you?

A: We deliver in the afternoons to the Gold Coast - so you will get your juices in the afternoon!