Schkinny Days - How it works?

Our Schkinny Days programs go for 6 weeks.  The program can be extended indefinitely, paused or cancelled anytime.  The 6 week timeframe is ideal for achieving a good result and seeing the benefits. 

You can choose to do 2 alternate days per week (Mon & Wed) OR 3 days per week (Mon, Wed, Fri).  The main difference is 3 days/week program does achieve a quicker result but can be more challenging.

On your Schkinny Days you will receive a fresh morning delivery of nutritionally balanced, plant based, calorie controlled menu

This includes 2 vegetable juices and 2 vegan salads on your fasting days.  The total calorie count is approximately 600 calories.

The food is plant based and vegan, with no added sugar, dairy, gluten or processed foods.  Just lots of vegetables.  We do use beans and nuts as a vegan protein source.  The menu is rich in fibre and phytonutrients.  Not only are you losing weight, you are doing it with the best possible nutrition.


At this stage we are only delivering our Schkinny days program within our morning delivery ranges in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane (insert links to morning delivery page).

You can check out the programs here