Schkinny Maninny - Juice Detox Programs in Sydney

Visit the Store in Potts Point or Get Your Multi-Day Program Home Delivered

What kind of difference could fresh, organic juice make to your day? 

Come into our shop at 4 Roslyn St, Potts Point or take advantage of our home delivery! We home deliver our juice detox programs anywhere in metropolitan Sydney. Visit our detox page to start shopping.

Get the spring back in your step! Our delivery ninjas quietly drop off small eskies of juice to front doors all over Sydney every single day. We love Sydney and Sydney loves us, with thousands of happy Schkinniers throughout the city.

There's also our lovely shop in Potts Point which is non-stop fun.

A healthy high is just around the corner - flush out the toxins and lap up those compliments (and envious stares). And the best bit is, your body feels better afterwords.

What we do is take organic fruit and vegetables and press them into super healthy juices that makes your skin sparkle. One of our most consistent pieces of feedback has been that nearly everyone notices a big difference in their complexion. It's because what we eat every day just weighs you down - literally.


Get ready to bounce out of bed flowing with energy and ready to focus on the day ahead of you. You'll notice yourself feeling brighter and perkier.

And not just you will notice the difference.. your partner will too (hint, hint..).

Read What Others Have Been Saying:

Jacquie from Mosman: "OH WOW! I felt and now feel - FABULOUS!! THIS is THE answer to eternal youth, without question! I am over 50 and feel better than I did in my 20’s! Now that’s a result worth having! I will be doing this cleanse on a regular basis for the rest of my life and have already booked my next one!"

Kate from Bellevue Hill "I am emailing to say how wonderful the detox was and how great I felt after it.  It really is so good.
So good in fact that I want to do it again – and a girlfriend of mine wants to join me."

Claire from Bellevue HIll  "My boyfriend thought I had a facial yesterday because I look so fresh."

Top 5 Reasons To Start Your Juice Cleanse Today

1. Feel fresh and bounce out of bed.

2. Learn which foods are getting you down, as you reintroduce them into your diet. The difference it can make to your life has surprised many.

3. Clear your skin (and receive compliments on your complexion!)

4. GIve your liver a rest. Your body has to work hard to get by in today's day and age!

5. SO much easier than doing your own. Going to the shops to buy a mountain of fruit and trying to figure out the recipes is not an easy ask. If it were, we wouldn't have a business! Give yourself a break and try Schkinny today.

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