Why are we different?

There are some shops now opening up that are selling “cold pressed juices” in bottles.  And I can hear you saying to yourself, well why should I order online when I can just go into the shop and buy them?  The clearest answer is freshness!! 

Fresher juice is better for you.  We make all of our juices to a customer order, rather than making them up hoping someone will buy them.  Yes that doesn’t mean we have the juices ready to go, but it does mean that when you order from us, you know we are making up juices JUST FOR YOU.  You can be completely satisfied that your juices have only been made that day and are not already a few days old when you receive them.  Our juices taste better because they are fresher and you know they are better for you.

Why buy something that could have been sitting on a shelf for a few days already when you can order fresh and get it delivered to your home?  I know what I would prefer…