Why do a Detox

There are many different reasons why people choose to do this detox.  We are subject to a number of chemicals and toxins in our lifestyles, PLUS we are also subject to indulgences in our day to day world!  A good detox is a chance for your body to have a break from constant exposure from chemicals, toxins and overall naughties from your food and drink.

The Schkinny Nutritional Cleanse complements your own body's detoxifying process and allows your body to do its business very efficient and effectively.  We use juices as way of maximising the naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and raw enzymes and using them in large doses to help cleanse and renew.  Just think about it, when you eat a salad, you might get about 1/3 kilo of fruit and veg - 300g of food.  Juice that up and you will only end up with about 200ml of juice (less than a cup).  So if you are drinking 500ml of juice for morning tea, you are having the equivalent of 3 salads just for a snack!  Try chewing your way through that, every day for 5 days - you might need a jaw transplant at the end.

So juice them up, and you can quadruple your intake!  Plus they require very little effort to digest.  This means that juices are quickly and easily absorbed into your body, and you can efficiently get the most from them!  6kgs of fruit and vegetables every day can be nothing but good for you, right?

Whilst there are a few options available on the market, like herbal supplements, lemon juice/syrup meal replacements,sachet fibre supplements, other juices, or food, we are different because we use juice and we do it fresh each day. 

Everyone experiences overindulgences to some degree, and even the most disciplined of us get off track. Typically, there are a couple of reasons why you would cleanse: