ACTIVE Juice & Soup Cleanse

  • With this Juice Cleanse, enjoy a combination of cold pressed fruit and vegetable juices and 2 vegan soups, and 2 raw nut milk smoothies.

    You will receive 6 x 500ml bottles per day in this juice cleanse. 

    You can now get your goodness delivered to your door Tuesday - Friday, and maintain the best in fresh wholesome nutrition. We put all our products through high pressure pasteurisation to kill any nasties while retaining all vital nutrients for you. It's just like you made them at home without all the washing up!

    Click here for FULL MENU and Nutritional Information about the ACTIVE Juice Cleanse.

    Add a daily sachet of Shakti's Superfood Blend - a 100% natural complete green protein powder made from Spirulina, Chlorella and Sprouted Grasses. Order it here.    This will boost your juice cleanse with the extra superfood power.

    Please read our cancellation and refund policy carefully before you place your order -HERE

     Chose this juice cleanse if you:

    • have recently started a new exercise regime and still need a few extra calories
    • have a very active lifestyle and feel you might need to keep your energy up
    • generally eat more than your wife/partner and want the juice cleanse with most calories

    The active cleanse is a perfect juice cleanse program for someone that wants to continue intense exercise, or perhaps has just started a brand new exercise regime.  This cleanse has the most calories of all our programs, so it is great for male cleansers or people with a big appetite.  The soups in this juice cleanse are all vegan, and can be heated up.  This cleanse does contain oats, which can be omitted.  With protein sources from nuts and beans, this juice cleanse is all vegan, with no soy, meat or dairy products.

  • Delivery is available Tuesday - Friday.  No weekend or Monday deliveries. When you place your order, select the DELIVERY DATE as the date you would like to receive it. Monday afternoon delivery is ONLY available for Sydney metro customers ordering cleanses that do not contain salads.

    For delivery OUTSIDE of metro areas please allow an extra day. 

    Orders for non-salad cleanes of 1-5 days duration will be delivered all in one delivery. Cleanses containing salads of more than 3 days duration will be delivered in 2 separate deliveries. 

    ORDERS placed by 2pm weekdays (AEDST) will be delivered 2 days later. Ex - order before 2pm Monday to receive your order Wednesday (metro areas) or Thursday (outside metro). Order by Friday 5pm (AEDST) for delivery Tuesday.

    We make our salads fresh everyday and appreciate your patience with delivery days.

    Delivery time requests cannot be facilitated. If you wish to start your cleanse on Wednesday morning, for example, then please select Tuesday as your delivery date to ensure you receive your cleanse prior to your desired start date.

    Please make note of any special places you would like your order left in the event it arrives when you are not home. All orders are packed in styrofoam boxes with long lasting ice packs and will be fine until you get home.



  • Please read our cancellation and refund policy carefully before you place your order - click here to read.

Orders must be placed before 5pm to receive delivery 2 days later. Ex - Order by 5pm Sunday to receive delivery on Tuesday (NSW, QLD, VIC, ACT metro) or Wednesday (NSW, QLD, VIC, ACT outside CBD) Deliveries only occur Tuesday - Friday, no weekend deliveries are available.

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